The Start of the Year 02/22/2021

Good news! I finished the short story I was working on yesterday. 

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the character, however, partway through the story I realized that I may not have done a very good job of fleshing out key points of his personality early on. I have to read through the story and see if it all flows well but I get the feeling that I will have to do some minor edits to begin with, and major edits later.

This specific character was great for my overall idea of where I plan to take the story as a whole so it was very exciting to write. I also got to introduce other characters that will play bigger roles later. 

I will post it up the way it is currently so anyone can see the original runthrough. Once I go through and do edits, it will be reposted. I would truly appreciate any feedback so please don’t hesitate to email me directly.

The Business

At the dealership, January finished extremely strong. We were expecting February to be the same but it hasn’t been the case so far. It has begun extremely slow in terms of traffic and sales but we have been receiving a lot of phone calls and inquiries over vehicles. This leads me to believe that people are still thinking about purchasing vehicles and are preparing themselves to as soon as they receive their tax returns. 

As of a week ago, my wife and I closed on a property. It needs quite a bit of work but we are excited to get started on it. We will post pictures of the condition of it as it is right now and as the work gets started.

Our other property was already turned and our property manager should begin marketing it soon!

The Leisure

My wife and I have been making our way through the show Vikings. It’s taken us a while but we are on the final season. It’s been an entertaining show so far but I definitely have my issues with a lot of character inconsistencies and plot holes throughout the seasons. 

I finished two books this month; the Trouble with Peace by Joe Abercrombie and Salvation Day by Kalli Wallace.

Joe Abercrombie is a fucking grand master. Enough said.

Salvation Day was a very easy read and I found myself wanting to go back to the book often. The story was unique and had a good blend of horror and mystery. I wish there had been more horror elements throughout but that is simply personal preference.

I am currently reading the Last Astronaut to my wife. We haven’t made it too far yet so I don’t have much of an opinion on it. My wife may not have any opinion on it even after I finish since she keeps falling asleep and I don’t notice until I hear her snoring!

If you have any recommendations on something to read or watch, please let me know. 

Two books I would recommend this month: Salvation Day but most of all the entire First Law Series

A show you should watch to give me your opinion: Vikings

The Puppies

Nova was recently spayed and we have been dealing with her recovery. The first few days were really hard. The anesthesia was not easy on her and she was barely able to walk around. After about a week, it’s as if nothing had happened to her and we have been struggling to keep her from sprinting laps around the back yard or constantly humping our legs.

Since we have taken so many pictures and videos of her since she joined our family we decided to start posting them on her own social media for all to see. Occasionally we see some puppy videos and pictures and they make us happy so we hope it can do the same for anyone else. 

We may also be adding a new member to the family soon, but this is still in the talks. I would like for Nova to have a little sister to play with since she has so much energy and her brother doesn’t like to play the way that she does. This should be decided in the next week or so.

I’ll try to do an update every month on everything going on in my life as well so I’ll see you all next month!


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