Short Stories for Adults

This is a collection of many of my short stories for adults. These short stories online will be provided here for your entertainment all completely for free.

I can never be sure what type of short story I will be writing. Sometimes I am in the mood for horror. Other times I want to write something that’ll make me laugh.

What I can be sure about is that I will be updating it regularly. You can count on new short stories coming your way…or maybe even some novels.

Stand Alone Short Stories

The World After The Doom

This is a post-apocalyptic short story series that follows different characters in different parts of the World After the Doom. Each of these short stories will progress the overall story forward. and give you another perspective of the world and its people.

I hope you enjoy my short stories for adults for free online. Please know that I value criticism so don’t hesitate to contact me with any feedback you may have.

You will be the first to read my short stories online and all I ask is that you support me in whichever way you see fit. Critisism, praise, ideas, monetary generosity, Whatever your heart calls for, I will truly appreciate it.