Summertime Sadness (June 2022)

It seems I just keep putting these out later and later. If I were you guys, I’d be throwing a fit!

So I talked a little bit about Kaeya Ruth. You know, that new niece of mine that’s supposed to change my mind about having kids?

It’s almost as if they forget that I had the snip-snip, burn-burn done on my testicles.

Yeah, them testicles are gone! There will be no more baby-making for me.

Unless, of course, they come out a different color.

It’s weird. When I call my brother and hear her in the background, I still don’t process that he has a kid now. I know it’s his and that she’s there, but I don’t picture it as a reality. It’s almost as if this random baby popped up that they are temporarily taking care of.

Kind of like the baby pig they took care of for a couple of days until Mao’s family killed it and ate it.

The Dealership

May started off strong. We saw some good traffic, good sales come through, but the last third of the month was…


We did have a good uptick of referral and repeat traffic, which was strong as it means that people are responding to the campaign we’ve started. We need to make sure to keep with it so it becomes part of the long-term system.

Salespeople are still motivated but are beginning to feel concerned about the slow-down. Not to the point where they feel as if something is wrong and they need to leave, but wondering what they can do to help. It’s endearing.

The sales manager continues externalizing his frustration toward the salespeople. One of the salespeople has flat out told me that he’s losing respect for him and doesn’t feel the desire to go out of his way to complete tasks for him because he feels he will just be yelled at or put down, just because it wasn’t done the exact way the sales manager wanted it done.

I’ve spoken with the sales manager again and redirected. I’ve also let him know that it won’t be tolerated.

What do you guys think? How would you handle a situation like that?

Sneek peek: June has begun extremely fast-paced. However, the last couple of days have slowed down a bit. We will see if we can manage to keep the early pace.

The Real Estate

The partnership I created with a fellow agent has been working nicely. We both have decided to put the same level of effort into sourcing leads and working them together. However, I feel as if I may have to defer to him to work the leads more as he is capable of doing it full time.

Real Estate Agent

We got another buyer under contract and have found some other active buyers we’re working with!

One of my deals closed a few days ago and we have another that is in limbo.

The one in limbo is a tough situation because there is really not much anyone can do to help it along. It’s an unfortunate waiting game that we are playing with government-backed agencies.

It’s interesting how a lot of people talk about the government and how inefficient the workers are. I never thought this was true and always assumed it was just people complaining about the government for the sake of complaining. Working with the city on rehabs and other projects has really made me recognize the inefficiencies.

Not everyone, but a lot take the attitude of “it’s not my job.” In their eyes, they don’t have to do anything outside of their job title so they won’t.

That’s alright.

I just hope they can get everything taken care of in time for my clients. They are really great people and this would put them in a really tough spot.

I also learned about needing to negotiate with clients! I knew this would be a big part of my role, however, not as big as I had to do. That was my mistake for assuming but I got it figured out.

Real Estate Investing

We got another property under contract!

It’s a 5-unit multi-family in a nicer part of the area where we are purchasing over in Chicago. As it sits, it is 5 units of 2 bed, 1 bath each. We plan on turning this into a 6 unit for sure, possibly a 7 unit and adding an extra bedroom to each.

The property has an active court case on it which shouldn’t be a problem for us to take care of. Just requires us to take out the proper permits for it.

I’ll make sure to add videos/pics of it as we work on it.

Hey, guess what! The city still hasn’t come out to install the fucking meters…

The appraiser already came out and did everything and left a note that I needed to get it done for him to sign off on it.

Seems I’m in limbo as well.

I’ve found a lender that broke down the exact way they work and is investor-friendly. Their rates seem reasonable and the process seems straightforward. I am excited to give them a shot and try out a slightly different strategy than what I initially thought.

Profits may get tightened up a little more, however, it seems like it will be a safer route long-term. It allows me to keep more money in reserves in case we come across any storms.

I am still interested in finding people who would like to invest with me.

If you know anyone who might have spare cash lying around that would like to earn a profit on it, you know how to reach me!

The Writing

I’m writing the scripts and these updates.

Enough said.

And I’m reading.

Now, enough said.

The Leisure

I picked up a book called Skill by Davide Greene. It’s about becoming a better real estate agent and the strategies you can implement. I’ll keep you posted on what I think about it.

I’ve been actively listening to podcasts and also made my way through another book again called never split the difference. It’s a really great book. Not only because it teaches you to negotiate, but because it teaches you about actively listening to people.

The negotiation part is the fluff. The book itself is pushing you to learn to listen and gather information. Listening is one of the hardest skills any of us can ever master, and most of us are horrible at it.

As far as shows, two were great and the other left me very disappointed.

I loved the first season of Russian Doll. It was clever, odd, and funny. This second season felt as if it were trying way too hard to achieve a fraction of what the first season did.

I didn’t find it funny, I didn’t think it was clever, and it just felt fucking weird. Even the main character felt out of whack.

Ozarks, in my opinion, had a wonderful finale. I felt it wrapped it up in a way that I felt satisfied. Sure, it left it in an open ending, but it suggested enough that let you come to terms with the reality of their lives. They believed themselves to be above everyone else. Players who could outplay the best. In the end, they were the ones who were sunk deepest.

Archive 81 was awesome! It had some creepy moments that created great tension without ever throwing jump scares out at you. If you like horror, I’d say this one is a good one to entertain your fear.

As far as movies, we watched only one. Army of Thieves. It’s not going to be winning any awards, but it was fun and entertaining. The main character was endearing and enjoyable.

A book I recommend this month: Never Split the Difference

A movie I recommend this month: Army of Thieves

A show I recommend this month: Ozarks and Archive 81

The Puppies

Clem had another one of her allergic reactions and broke out in hives. It’s super heartbreaking to watch.

You can tell she is extremely uncomfortable, can’t sleep, cries all night. We ended up giving her a small part of an edible and it worked wonders for her.

That made me curious about seeing what type of effect it would have on BD-1.

So over the past month, I’ve given him small amounts on days we are all home. What’s the result?

Well BD one seems to be more relaxed and cares less about barking and biting at everything in sight. I’d say it might be the thing we need for him to chill the fuck out.

The girls are still fascinated by the neighbor’s dog, but not as much as before. Only if he makes too much noise.

Nova is my gentle giant. I love her.

The Wrap Up

Rach and I are doing great and are very excited to get a little more time together now that school is out. She is currently on a trip with one of her friends but will be back soon. I would prefer it be sooner.

There are a couple of trips we have planned out together this summer and some projects we will be putting together moving forward.

Don’t forget to show support to my YouTube channel as well as hit me up if you ever want to connect about anything.

That’s all I got for you this month so thanks for reading and I will catch you on the next month. Okay byeeeee!


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