Say Goodbye To Tax Time (April 2022)

There once was a time when you would prepare your taxes and end up with a decent-sized refund. Hell, for our customers, decent-sized meant $10,000 or more.

It was the time to be able to give back to the community.

Strippers and cocaine!!!!!

It seems like those times are now gone and the impact of it is being felt.

Social workers and fun dealers all around are really hurting now.

You know who else is hurting? Dealerships.

The Dealership

Typically, tax time was a time when we would practically live at the company. It meant 6-7 days a week, from opening to way past closing.

Might sound dreadful to some but to us living it, it was well worth the money. The bulk of our salespeoples’ income came from two months’ work. They ride on a constant high from selling so much.

If you have never been in sales you may not be able to understand what I mean by that. However, anyone who’s done sales before knows that when you sell, you get a “high” that is unlike anything else. You feel powerful, confident, untouchable, like you could conquer the world.


No. All-natural.

Well this tax time, we saw only a slight increase in traffic and in money available. Sales did go up, but nowhere near what we were expecting from previous years. This is a little alarming.

I believe that there are a couple of reasons behind this. The biggest culprit being the child tax credit payments that families were receiving every month. This tapped into the overall bulk amount our clientele would receive at tax time.

Everyone may have been thinking that this was a stimulus of sorts to help out…but all it was was a draw.

Couple that with the ridiculous increase in car prices and getting these people financed is becoming a whole lot harder. Having someone come in with $6000 to put as a down payment on a $10-12000 car is something a bank, or ourselves, can swallow. Especially to get them a payment they can comfortably afford.

Coming now with only $2000 on a $14-18000 car…not so easy anymore.

Point is, we are very far behind our goal because of this.

Moving forward, we have adjusted some strategies to try and get ourselves back on track but we are refusing to adjust our overall goals.

This brings us to our next point.

The Real Estate

On both ends, Investing and Retail, we are a little behind. Making steady progress, but I need to do something to move things forward more.

Real Estate Agent

I have begun getting more and more leads through my YouTube channel. This is still great as when I speak with them they vibe with my personality really easily and it makes the entire experience so much more comfortable for everyone.

The channel was also monetized as of a few days ago so it is now a small source of income as well! Eventually, I would like to have help continuing to grow this. I enjoy every part of the process as it allows me to write, talk about things I truly like, and edit. However, editing is super time-consuming because I’m a frame fucker.

Frame fucking is simply trying to perfect a small part of the video only to realize that no one would have ever noticed it, to begin with. Yeah, I can be a frame fucker.

The pipeline is growing and as soon as my brother (the one that’s all crippled) is able to return to his post, I should be able to focus my attention on this front and catch back up to speed.

Don’t worry, I’ll give an update on him soon.

Real Estate Investing

As far as the contractors are concerned, the two properties they were working on are done. What’s the holdup? The city of Chicago and the electric company around there.

We need meters for water and electricity installed on them and they are just taking their sweet ass time to get around and install them. It’s quite frustrating considering that I need to get things moving in order to move the other properties along.

I’ve been scouring the wholesalers, trying to find other properties to purchase but have yet to come across anything worthwhile yet. I’ve even started calling owners directly to see if they may be interested in selling me their home.

So far, nothing, but I believe in the process and I believe that I’ll get to our goals by the end of the year.

The Writing

No fiction has been written by me yet. I’m still not feeling it.

A lot of ideas are popping up and some days I feel like doing it but then get started on something else instead. I got some creativity recently that I feel should help push me over the edge but for now, I am focused on the scripts for the videos.

It gets my shitty comedic side out, as well as keeps the structure from writing around.

Patience. Patience.

The Leisure

Rach and I have been going pretty hard on the fitness side of things. In the past 7 months, we’ve only missed 2 days of exercise.

While I’ve stayed pretty stagnant, she’s made some great progress! She’s does feel as if there should be a lot more difference considering the level of effort she’s put in, however, I feel it’s just her being overly critical of herself. It’s both a blessing and curse.

We always expect more of ourselves.

We had a trip to the bay but it was more to take my favorite mother-in-law to her yearly appointment for her muscle-wasting disease. It was still quite fun and we got to see around Stanford and stop at a few places to eat.

We didn’t watch very many movies this month. Hell Fest, Scream, and Spiderman No Way Home. The only one I’d recommend is the last one, the rest were…meh.

As far a shows, there were three that really stood out to me. Upload, Oats Studios, and Guardians of Justice. I also watched The Boys Presents Diabolical but I wasn’t impressed.

Upload was lighthearted and fun, and I found myself laughing out loud at many parts. Oats Studios was impressive in its own way as they are not fully fleshed out and instead snippets of something that could be bigger. It really left me thinking about what I would do with them.

Finally, Guardians of Justice was bizarre, unique, and fucking funny. It blended the darkness of superhero shows like The Boys with fast editing like YouTube videos and a lighthearted, not-taking-myself-too-seriously, approach to the story and characters that made for a very fun experience.

I definitely would not recommend it to everyone since saying bizarre is an understatement, but for those that are interested in watching something different than what you’re used to, it’s a fucking fun and funny show.

Books – I didn’t read any this past month. I listened to a lot of podcasts on different topics like Real Estate, Selling, Dealerships, Philosophy, and Communication, but no books.

So, a movie I’d recommend this month: Spiderman No Way Home

A book I’d recommend this month: umm…podcasts!

A show I’d recommend this month: Upload

The Puppies

We had a little dilemma with both Jack Esparragus (BD-1 aka Spartacus) and Clemmy.

Seems like Esparragus has been eating too much shit in the backyard and got himself sick. Started puking and mudbutting everywhere and then acted as if he couldn’t tell which planet he was on. Turns out he had worms.

It was pretty gross seeing those little maggots fucking about outside his ass. What made it even worse was that we were reading the troop when he first had mudbutt and it has to do with a form of worm that eats you from the inside out and makes you insatiably hungry.

He’s fine now. Back to being his same ol’ annoying self we know and love.

Clemmy, on the other hand, got into something in the backyard and broke out in hives all over her body. We have no idea what it was but it seems she has an allergic reaction to something. She’s not the type to whine or show pain, hell, after she got spayed she acted like nothing had happened at all, yet this was clearly bothering her.

She would get up and run across the room, throw herself on the carpet and drag her skin all over it, bite herself, and cry. Kept us up for two nights doing that and it was heartbreaking, as well as ridiculously tiring.

Nova? She’s still same happy, dandy, fearful, curious Nova. Eating one sock at a time.

Maybe two.

The Wrap Up

You might be wondering what’s up with my brother, the crippled one. Well, he’s gone from not being able to move, to wiggling his fingers and toes, to full on walking with the assistance of a walker!

Mother fucker has left us truly in awe of how much progress he’s made in such a short amount of time. It seems like every day that goes by, he is needing the walker less and less, as well as being able to do more on his own without our assistance.

We’re all really proud of him and I know he’s proud of himself.

I’m looking for another book recommendation so please shoot one my way!

Seems that’s all I got for you on this one so thanks for reading and I will see you on the next one.

Okay byeeeeee!

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