The Beginning of the Dream – February 2022

I know, we’re halfway through the month and I’ve left you all at the edge of your seat wondering if I’ll ever return.

Is he done with the updates? No…he couldn’t be. Is he being lazy? Well, he has shown signs of that in the past…but no, he can’t! He’s gotta be dead, right? Or maybe something tragic has happened around him?

Let me put your minds at ease.

I’ll continue with the updates. I’m a bit lazy. I’m not dead, as far as I’m aware. Although, I guess I could be. Maybe my consciousness has escaped the corporeal realm and I’ve created a similar-to-life realm so that my consciousness can process it and eventually break it down to help me understand my new state.

Nah, sounds like bullshit.

In the last few days, there was a bit of a “tragedy” that occurred. I cannot say that it is the reason why I didn’t post this update sooner, only that it delayed it a bit.

What was the tragedy, you ask?

Let’s just say it involves my brother and an accident but we can discuss that more in the new month.

We can focus instead on the updates.

The Dealership

January ended surprisingly well. Sometimes January can be a hit and miss with the amount of traffic and sales but this year turned out well. The salesforce pulled through and sold just barely under the number of sales they set as a goal.

We are still in search of a new collector. I’ve been actively seeking new collectors as I go to new places or visit regular shops. When I talk to people that I feel have the personality that could handle the position, I try to get their information or ask them to get in touch with us if they are interested.

It’s unfortunate how few people are showing up to interviews again or even applying. We are trying to be competitive, but the market seems to be eating itself alive. Even entry-level jobs are increasing pay, which is only going to make it worse for everyone in the long run.

We are behind on service. The service manager seems to not be able to process the changes that need to be made in order for us to push out more vehicles. Because of this, we are also behind on the amount of cars we should have on the line as well as the number of cars we can service for our current customers.

We will need to keep a closer eye on him and make sure we guide him properly…

One of our salespeople left…right before tax time. I feel relieved that he did, as he was becoming very toxic to the environment and always carried a negative attitude. He demanded we give him a better position that, frankly, he did not deserve.

He had promised us he would not leave until after tax time, which is a bit of a bummer, but not enough to ruin things. Just may require more work from us.

Our goal for the sales department is to increase the sales by 18% from last year. That carries over to our collections department, as well as service since they have to increase the workload in order to provide the inventory and handle the new accounts added to the books.

We are confident it can be done and look forward to the challenge. Although, the new tragedy could put a potentially major hiccup in how this will be done.

The Real Estate

We found a new prospective tenant for the bottom unit of the property that was recently rehabbed. It seems to be subsidized so most of the rent should be covered every month. We only need to undergo the inspections to ensure it passes their requirements and the tenant should be in by the first of March.

101st is coming along nicely. We did have to pause for a week in order to do the roof of one of the other properties as it was allowing a massive leak into it. I am being told another 4-5 weeks but I’ve come to learn that it could be longer.

I’ve had a great time working with the new contractors, even though they are quite a bit more expensive. I will simply have to adjust my strategy in order to make the numbers work for new properties.

I have begun getting some good leads that I am working with and have also implemented some systems on how I should properly follow up with them. Nothing has stuck yet but I know I have to trust the process.

The agent side of things will need to be put on pause for some time until we deal with my brother’s condition, as well as finish tax time. I am confident that even with this temporary setback, I can still hit my goals.

Our goals:

For investing, we will be finishing rehabbing all the current properties we hold now and also purchasing 5 additional units.

As a Realtor, I plan on selling a minimum of 12 homes this year. I’m behind on this, of course, and obviously the market is not in the favor of buyers right now, but I plan on doing what it takes to get there.

The Writing

I did no writing this past month, other than some responses to journalists and some work for the dealership/the scripts for the youtube videos.

I’m not disappointed in myself, though.

I love writing because it makes me feel free and allows my imagination to vomit its massive self onto the paper/screen. However, I realized that it wasn’t happening as much as I’ve written lately.

I am not as focused and not enjoying the act of writing the current story.

The story itself I enjoy, just not the writing of it at the moment. I will take a break and come back to it when I feel the yearning for it.

Goal: finish the book, edit Galapagos, and write 3-4 short stories.

The Puppies

The puppies are great! Spartacus has found his rhythm with the girls…somewhat. He can only get so much of the girls and when he does he goes to his aunt’s room to sleep or be with her. The rest of the time, he comes out and lays in a corner…like a fucking freak.

The girls have been getting out of their fenced area in the house a lot lately, so we decided to allow them free roam of a room. We were expecting the worst the first couple of days we did it but we’ve found that they have respected that room extremely well. No issues whatsoever have arisen with them destroying any decorations…or walls.

We miss you big guy.

Clem has gotten herself into something…again. Maybe an ant mound, maybe something else. She got bumps all over her body and has been itching like crazy.

Poor girl needs to learn to stop fucking with insects. We’ve been giving her some CBD oil and a bit of childrens’ Benadryl to see if it might be an allergic reaction to something else instead. So far, it seems to be helping, but it’s only been a couple of days.

Nova has begun thinking that shes a human girl now and decides to do things we do!

She comes up on the chairs while we eat and just watches us as if expecting her food to be placed in front of her. She digs under the covers and wants to sleep there with us. She sits next to us and watches TV.

It’s crazy how unique they all are.

The Leisure

I finished Leviathan Falls and was not disappointed with it whatsoever!

The story was phenomenal and I thought it was a great ending to such a behemoth of a journey. I am still not the biggest fan of Holden as he was way too two-dimensional for me but I loved Tanaka. She carried this book and I ate up every moment of her page time. I highly recommend this book and the entire series itself.

I’m sad that it’s over, but extremely happy with how it was wrapped up.

We watched quite a bit of shows and movies as well.

On the note of Leviathan Falls, The Expanse. It was great but I am disappointed that they didn’t finish the last two books with it.

Hanna, a bit of a time killer really. Did not feel fully engaged by it and the characters were…meh.

Panic, which I really enjoyed. Except for the fact that the resolution was less fulfilling than expected.

Matrix Resurrections was fun to watch and I can’t say it was bad, I just felt a bit cheated. I remembered what happened in the last movie and spent the entire first part of the movie wondering how the fuck they would explain the reversal of that. I guess I’ll swallow it for now, but that was a bit frustrating. Still fun!

Ozark…fucking great show. Strong acting, strong characters, strong story. Definitely suggest this show to anyone.

Book of Boba Fett – while we still haven’t finished the last episode, we’ve enjoyed the beginning.

Shang Chi…it was okay. The Eternals…okay as well. Venom let there be carnage…about as good as the first, which the first was weak in my opinion so that should tell you enough.

Still just playing Apex for now. Managed to make it to Platinum on ranked. Not good by any means but at least I’m improving!

Book I recommend this month: Leviathan Falls by James S.A. Corey

Show I recommend this month: The Expanse and Ozark

Movie I recommend this month: None.

Again, I apologize for not getting this out in time. Really I’m apologizing to myself, so don’t get flattered.

I’m excited for the new year and I hope you are as well. It’ll pass by quicker than we think, so let’s make the best of it.

That’s all I got for you for this month so thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the next month.

Okay byeee!!!

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