Spring Into Surprises (May 2022)

Halfway through the month and I’m over here saying it’s still relevant to May.

Well, I had a couple of surprises pop up so it slowed down this part a bit.

Nothing bad. Well, I guess it could be bad for some…

My baby niece was born!

Kaeya Ruth Beneke is officially here. She’s tiny and looks like an alien, like all babies do to me.

My brother keeps telling me all about how wonderful an experience it was, how he just feels so overwhelmingly happy, and how I’ll change my mind about having children.


They’re not for me.

Anyway, let’s stop letting her take up any more screen time since she’s something that happened in May, not April.

The Dealership

Maybe it’s the uncertainty of our economy, the ever elevating prices of cars, people not getting jobs or keeping them long, or us doing a horrible job.

We had a pretty shit month in April.

It wasn’t to the point where we were broken like my cripple brother (I’m allowed to say that because he’s my brother but don’t you dare say it!), but it was much lower than it should have been.

We have started some more ideas on ways we can begin driving more and better traffic, as well as increase the efficiency of the service shop to put out more of our own cars.

Most of these ideas focus on driving referral and repeat traffic. They are geared toward providing a stronger customer experience that doesn’t cost us much but continues to remind the customer that we care.

The salespeople seem happy and motivated still and I’ve made sure to continue having one on ones with them to keep their eye on the ball.

My sales manager is the one that I’m concerned with. He seems to be taking the stress of it and externalizing it to the salespeople by putting them down, snapping, or yelling.

I’ve already had a conversation with him about it and made him aware/guided him in a better direction and he seemed to have responded but I will have to keep an eye on him.

Sneek peek: May has resulted in a much better month so far…so far.

The Real Estate

I’ve been working open houses more and it’s been a nice change of pace, however, I’m starting to see that there is a better way to scale the retail side. Investing has a grander way to scale as well…

Real Estate Agent

Working floor shifts, open houses, door knocking, etc., are all ways to trade time for potential money. They are clearly the steps necessary to get clients through the door when you need to bootstrap.

Nothing wrong with it, but I can see that it’s not the most efficient way.

I’ll be focusing the rest of this month and next month on finding a way to work smarter through the lead process.

I also got another buyer under contract. It should be closing pretty soon and it’s been a fairly straightforward process.

One of my other buyers seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. I get the feeling it’s because she feels embarrassed that she was so gun-ho at first and then things didn’t line up the way she thought so now she feels bad that I might get upset.

I wish more people would realize how seldom I get upset. I’d rather help someone through a situation and move forward together than get upset just because things didn’t work out perfectly. Nothing ever works out exactly how we thought it would, but it can still work out.

Real Estate Investing

We got another property under contract!

It’s a single-family in a nicer part of the area where we are purchasing over there. The home itself is a 2 bed 1 bath that we will be converting into a 4/2 or possibly 5/2 if there is enough room in the basement or attic.

I’ll make sure to add videos/pics of it as we work on it.

The other two properties are done and…still waiting for the fucking city to install the meters…

It’s been a royal pain in the ass seeing how inefficient the whole process has been but it has also taught me that I need to make sure that it’s the first thing we take care of.

I’ve been talking with more people who are interested in investing with us so we have acquired some funding this way. I’m actively looking for more people who may be interested in gaining a return on their capital in a very low-risk way.

If you know anyone who might be interested, you know how to reach me!

The Writing

Don’t even look at me.

I’m not going to make excuses or say anything in this area other than I am not in the right mindset.

That’s it! Stop looking at me!

The Leisure

I still didn’t have any books that I read through and it’s halfway through the month and don’t right now either.

I’ve been listening to podcasts like crazy and also a lot of heavy metal.

My voice is very raspy and…lost…

Too much…screaming.

Now, we did watch two shows that I thoroughly enjoyed!

The first, which I will highly recommend to everyone, is The Silent Sea. It’s a Korean sci-fi show that has many of the same actors from Squid Game. I was not expecting much from it going into it but damn this show reeled me in and kept me hooked the entire time.

The second is Midnight Mass. The reason I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone is that it does have some horror elements to it that not everyone enjoys. However, if you do, this show is fucking great. Not over the top scary but just enough to keep that eerie vibe throughout. It’s also very well thought out when it comes to the details of the catholic faith and how they interpret the scripture throughout the show.

We also watched two movies this month, one which was fun but mostly meh, the other that I really enjoyed.

The Adam Project was the fun but meh one. It was entertaining but that’s about as far as it’ll go.

The History of Future Folk was clever, cute, and pretty fucking funny. I highly recommend this one.

A book I recommend this month: None

A movie I recommend this month: The History of Future Folk

A show I recommend this month: The Silent Sea and Midnight Mass

The Puppies

The triple threat have been dandy this past month. Other than Clem and BD-1 getting into yet another fight, they’re great.

BD has anger problems…if you couldn’t tell. He doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions.

We’ve tried therapy but he just ended up biting the therapist. Unfortunately, the therapist quit after that.

I know, it’s not like me to be a quitter but I mean, fuck! Come on! My face and hands have had enough.

We had new neighbors move into the home that’s been abandoned for years next door. Aaaaaaaaand, they brought a dog with them.

It’s a boxer-american bulldog mix and it’s adorable! But of course, the triple threat don’t know what the fuck’s up. BD barks and barks and Clem barks at him and he snaps at her so she gets pissed and starts guerilla warfareing his ass.

Taking one chunk at a time.

I’d definitely say that she won, especially since he doesn’t seem to be smart enough to follow through with his lunges.

Anyway, they’re both fine. And Nova is still my curious Nova. Making peace with everyone and sneaking off with my socks.

The Wrap Up

Finally, I’ll say that the wife and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary together on the 18th. It was simple, relaxing, and we got to enjoy our time together. We are not over the top extravagant people. I’m a simple man, she’s a simple woman.

Me in the head, her in the tastes.

I love her and love our puppies.

Don’t forget to show support to my YouTube channel as well as hit me up if you ever want to connect about anything.

That’s all I got for you this month so thanks for reading and I will catch you on the next month. Okay byeeeee!

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