The World After the Doom: A Post Apocalyptic Short Story Series

A Post Apocalyptic Dystopia

My Fascination with Post Apocalyptic Worlds

I’ve always been fascinated by post apocalyptic stories.

I’ve read through quite a few that really cause me to think about the way that I would behave if I were put into a similar situation.

We always come up with ideas, daydreams even, of the way we would handle tough situations, but the truth of the matter is that most of us live in societies where we do not have to struggle every day to survive. There is no way for us to truly know the way we would behave if we are thrown into an environment drastically different than the one we are accustomed to.

I came from a third-world country, but not even I can say that I had to struggle to survive. There was enough social structure so that the majority of the population was not fighting for food or shelter on a daily basis.

Watching shows about post apocalyptic survivors like The Walking Dead or movies like Mad Max or books like The Road really let you explore those post apocalyptic fantasies we all get. We consume their decisions and call them awful. We judge the characters as twisted and leave feeling like we are good because we would never let ourselves sink that low.

But in the back of our head, that dreaded thought crawls its way forward. We sit around wondering if we would make those same horrifying decisions in their place.

I’m one to admit, I would. 

Don’t get stuck with me if we sink into an apocalyptic dystopia, right?

What Shoes Would You Wear After an Apocalypse?

That’s what’s so fascinating though. The fact that it makes us think so much. When our current infrastructure is ripped apart, what kind of apocalyptic culture would we create? What would our new identities become?

Ask yourself, if electricity, gas, internet, everything were to suddenly disappear, what would you struggle most with?

That’s what I love about post apocalyptic worlds. There are limitless types of stories that you can delve into that would cause both the reader and author to question human nature in extreme situations.

Personally, I am drawn to post apocalyptic horror. However, I am curious about writing many other types of subgenres like romance stories, comedies, sci fi, fantasy, mystery, etc. This is exactly why I began creating my own world. I like letting my mind wander through all the different scenarios I’d personally like to read about. This way, I can up with something interesting for you. 

The World After the Doom

They will be a series of short stories for adults in a radiation-filled land. Each will follow different survivors of the Doom through their own individual struggles, while propelling an overarching story forward. If you’ve been searching for free post apocalyptic short stories online, then I have you covered. All of the first drafts will be free online on my website. 

All I ask is that you help critique them for me!

I also ask that you send over any stories I should read, watch, or listen to. 

The first story is titled Strange Weight and follows an injured woman who is taken in by a man and his child. They appear to be different than all other men she has encountered in the past. So much so that she is left wondering if their kindness is really just a ploy.

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