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Post Apocalyptic Wasteland: Part 5 – The Survivor

The Types of Post Apocalyptic Survivors

I’ve alluded to many important people within the post apocalyptic world I created being psychopaths/sociopaths. They are not known as such in this specific post apocalyptic wasteland. They are simply strong men and women without a conscience. 

The other apocalyptic survivors can see that there is something not quite right with them. They make plenty of comments about them being monsters and think about their lack of remorse for their actions, but it is seen as a natural form of life. 

I believe that most people that fall into a situation like this would adopt a tribalistic way of life. The stronger would eat up their fill without any attempt from those under them to depose their rule. 

The Signs to Tribalistic Behavior After the Apocalypse

There is no need for a post apocalyptic culture to see this. We can already observe this type of behavior in our current way of life. If it is too hard for us to act, we won’t do anything, even if we don’t agree with the actions within our society. It doesn’t matter if it is done by the government, the private sector, or religious organizations. 

Most of us will sit by and allow something we don’t agree with to continue happening because it is easier than taking a stand.

In a tribalistic society within a post apocalyptic dystopia, the weak would be no different. If anything, they would provide even less opposition seeing that what’s threatened is now their life. The consequence wouldn’t be being shut down or imprisonment. The consequence for resistance in an apocalyptic dystopia would be death. 

The weak would be used as fodder. I don’t think that they would be discarded, but they would be there to serve the stronger as it works up the ladder. 

The Survivor: A Free Online Post Apocalyptic Short Story

The Survivor is the fifth short story of the post apocalyptic world I created. It follows a psychopathic assassin who recognizes his difference from the rest of the people. He is trying to find a conscience, which he believes he can accomplish by abiding by a new code he has set for himself. 

Unfortunately, keeping to his new code has proven much more difficult than he thought. 

It’s a post apocalyptic short story drama that takes influences from a western. He’s not a good person, like all of the characters you’ll read about with me, but he is not too far gone to be unlikeable.

A side note: if you want to read about someone who’s severely unlikeable, but hopefully still redeemable, try my free online sci fi horror novel Galapagos. It’s a sci fi plot, but heavy on character. If you like the deepest depths of the ocean, a bit of mystery, a troubled mind, and some horror, it should be right up your alley.

I coupled him with two previous characters that I personally loved to write. I feel it gave the story just enough light heartedness to keep me from feeling like it was too dark. 

Having those two other characters also gave me the opportunity to explore more of the lore within the World After the Doom. They are well traveled and therefore able to speak on many parts of the post apocalyptic wasteland. 

It is still the first draft, so I could definitely use some feedback on it. I am sure there are tons of areas that need cleaning up and tightening. A few different eyes help to spot that.

I will be uploading The Survivor as three different parts over the next couple of weeks.

If you haven’t checked out the previous four short stories, I highly recommend you do first!

I hope you like it!


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