The First Sci Fi Novel in My Journey: Galapagos

The Dark Side of the Sea - Galapagos - My First Sci Fi Novel
The Dark Side of the Sea - Galapagos - My First Sci Fi Novel

The Pull Behind My First Sci Fi Novel

Sci Fi has always fascinated me. As a kid, I remember watching the Alien franchise, the Matrix, Event Horizon, Star Wars, and being enthralled by them. The world someone has to create through their own imagination, even if parts are flawed, is wonderful. A few years ago I decided to give a go at my first sci fi novel.

A few months later came along Galapagos

If I’ll be completely honest, it was never supposed to be a full-length novel. I had originally thought of the story as a novella. Shorter and more to the point. 

After I had written out a brief outline for the story, I put the pen on paper and the thing just kept going. The words just kept pouring out and I found myself completely absorbed by the main character’s thoughts and emotions. I loved getting to live through Jimmy’s eyes, even if I did not love Jimmy himself.

The Truth of the Sci Fi Bible

I read through the bible this past year as a sort of “requirement” that I had to meet in order to marry my wife. If you’d like to know more on that, you can find out why by reading the Update after I finished it. It did nothing to sway my beliefs, but I found one thing about it to be intriguing. 

Whether the stories in the bible are real or not, the book was still written, and a long time ago. They talk about their governments and the way that people would handle conflicts, politics, and daily life often and it is no different than how we handle them in this day and age. Sure we may have more technology, but we as humans have not changed. We have simply put on a new mask and pretended to be more.

Technology should be bringing us closer, but because of our nature, it drives many of us away. It leads many of us to feel completely isolated. 

The Same Ol’ Bastard of the Future

When I thought of Jimmy, I saw a human being surrounded by technology that should have made his life easy and more fulfilling, but he was still troubled by the same things we all are. If anything, all of that made it worse.

He was a severe narcissist, verging on the realm of sociopathic. He believed himself to be above the world because he clung to his achievements with the things that came easily to him and therefore refused to challenge himself for fear of failure. 

Jimmy believed himself to be proving his worth to those around him by showing how much he could accomplish. He judged those around him before they ever had the opportunity to do the same but would force himself to believe they were beneath him instead.

I loved writing Jimmy because of how much I hated him. I felt for him because of how troubled he was. There were moments when I wanted to help him, but I didn’t like him. In no way would I ever want to be stuck with that fucker. 

He was a man who believed he did not need anyone and wished to be left alone. So I gave it to him. 

Under the Sea with Technology

I’ve always loved swimming and being underwater. I figured there were two places that would be the definition of lonely; outer space and the depths of the sea. 

Obviously, I chose to go with the sea, and I’m glad I did so. We always believe there to be aliens outside of our planet, but we tend to forget that there are still new species we are discovering every year in the ocean. Who’s to say there’s not some type of intelligent life down there?

I took heavy inspiration from the video game Bioshock, which if you haven’t played, I highly recommend you do so! It was dark, brutal, and creepy. 

It helped me imagine a lot of the carnage that would have painted the halls of Galapagos 3, with a more polished, futuristic feel. Getting to imagine the city was the most exciting part of the experience. When it came down to it, though, there was only so much I could do.

It was still Jimmy’s story, and the horrors were his.

A Twisted Sci Fi Character Comes Back With Me

If I were to rewrite the story, I don’t think I would write Jimmy again. 

As much as I may have enjoyed seeing him on his journey, I don’t think many people would be able to connect with him the way I could. Also, it was a bit of a drag.

I’m a very positive person in general and Jimmy was not. I tend to live through the people I’m writing, good or bad. I hear their thoughts, their conversations, and all I do is write it all down. 

During the entire time I wrote this story, I felt myself feeling judgemental and very negative toward life. There were moments that I took a couple of weeks off from writing in the morning just because of how draining his mindset was. Hearing his banter in my head was taxing.

I have no idea if it came off like that for someone reading (I hope not) but I also didn’t put in half the shit that would go through his head. Plus, I find it impossible to read through my own stories and think they are bad. 

Maybe that’s the narcissist in me. 😉

Many More Sci Fi Stories to Come

I am currently trying to find an editor to help me bring my first sci fi novel home. I will be sure to post an update when I’ve found one and once the work has started. 

You can check out the first draft of Galapagos completely free here, as all of my first drafts will be.

I plan on making plenty more sci fi stories over the years to come and hope to revisit the world of Galapagos again. 

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