An Upcoming Sci Fi Novel of Fear – The First of Us

The First of Us: An Upcoming Sci Fi Novel
The First of Us: An Upcoming Sci Fi Novel
The First of Us: An Upcoming Sci Fi Novel

When I finished the first draft of the new short story in the World Beyond the Doom universe titled The Assassin I began thinking of ideas on how to make the next installment work. I found that I couldn’t concentrate on it at all. My mind kept pushing me to another world where space travel is possible. A new story came to life as the characters and their journey flooded me. I began jotting down the outline of an upcoming sci fi novel that will be titled The First of Us.

Since I love horror so much, I will be blending much of it into the story. Usually, both sci fi and horror stories are heavy on the plot but extremely weak on the character. Personally, I feel like this is always a disappointment. I enjoy a personal struggle and solid character arc over heavy fluff. 

Fluff can be very fun, but the “human” struggle is what keeps me intrigued. Too much character, which I feel I’ve made the mistake of doing before, can be overwhelming, slow, and boring. However, when they are mixed in well it creates a well-paced, fun, and meaningful story.

I will be doing my best to make sure that both plot and character are respected on equal levels.

The One That Does Not Belong

The upcoming sci fi novel will follow Jakil, a young scientist whose people have deemed him a prodigy. They treat him as if he is above the rest of them because of the countless achievements under his belt but this only drives him to feel like a fraud. The immense pressure they place on him leaves him feeling insecure and as if he is somehow taking advantage of his people. With his latest achievement, potentially his biggest fuck up, his entire world will be left to decide, or pay the price.

His people’s world is dying and they turn to him to find a new world that could house them before everything collapses. When none are found, he finds them an alternative that will require them to modify their plans. As he and their vanguard try to enter the new planet, they encounter an unexpected storm that causes their ship to crash, leaving only a handful of survivors.

With the rest of his people only a year behind and no way to communicate a warning to them, Jakil must now take what is left of the surviving crew and begin what thousands were meant to do as he struggles to overcome his own feelings of doubt. They must speed up the planet’s aging and make it viable for his kind.

As they begin, they quickly realize that they were not the only ones that survived the crash.

A Sci Fi Warning To All Earth Dwellers

The stories I write are in no way family, or child-friendly. This one will be no different.

I tend to write very graphic scenes with lots of gore, adult language, and despicable acts. I have no control over the way stories flood my mind. It may appear crude or grotesque but it is in no way meant to offend anyone. It just simply is.

I personally don’t like the content that I consume being censored or dumbed down so I don’t expect to do that myself and I hope if you’re following my writing, neither do you.

Since I recently retired, I will be having more time to dedicate to my writing. I hope to have the first draft of this upcoming sci fi novel finished before the end of this year. I will post frequent updates about my progress and if you’d like to have a preview of the first couple of chapters, feel free to comment or email me directly!

Looking forward to getting it into all of your hands!

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