An exciting, yet drastically different, tax time.

I’ll be the first to admit that as far as fiction writing went this month, I didn’t accomplish much. I did get to write about my childhood, coming to the United States, and what the country has allowed my family and I to achieve as an article for Authority Magazine.

It was nice getting to think back on all the things we went through to get to where we are now. It made me appreciate it that much more.

My wife proofread it after I was done and it was interesting to hear her take on my upbringing. To her, I’ve gone through so much already and she feels like the struggles we went through were real in comparison to what most people in the US go through. That so much happened in our lives that most people will never see and makes it that much more intriguing. In my eyes, every time I hear about her childhood I’m fascinated at how her and her family accomplished so much with such a different set of problems hindering them.

Everyone’s story has points that make it engaging but we tend to forget about them and think someone else’s is that much better. 

That was my way of distracting you from the fact that I didn’t even touch the previous story I was supposed to digitize. Did it work?

The Business

March has been really interesting. It started out busy, but nowhere near as busy as we thought. Without a doubt, we could feel it was tax time as customers were walking in with 2, 3, 4k in their pockets ready to buy a car. However, the influx of customers we are used to wasn’t there.

Then, the second week came and the flood gates opened. 

Previous tax seasons have felt like for two weeks straight we are living there and then everything stops. It has been a very steady and sustained progress that we have made in sales without having to feel completely overwhelmed. 

We are on track to not only hit our goal, but surpass it and make up for the few sales we lacked in February. It’s been very exciting and the best part about it has been that I have been able to see first hand the success of the training I have been taking one of our people through. 

He is going to be taking over my position, and having him around to help me with my work has been extremely alleviating. I have given him a very loose rope and allowed him to make all of his own decisions and he has been owning it without hesitation.

There are still areas where he is lacking, but they can be fine tuned over the next couple of months. For now, he has proven that he can handle his own under pressure and I’m proud of him for it.

The Leisure

I haven’t had much leisure this month either. I’ve had two days off so far that I spent playing video games and then watched the show Hannibal with my wife when she came home. 

The first season of Hannibal was a bit on the bland side. It was interesting because of the underlying story between Will and Hannibal but the obvious formulaic nature of the episodes made it a little hard to immerse yourself. We just finished the second season and it was a million times better. It went full force into their story, their psyche, and philosophies of life, which I felt was a lot more engaging. I am excited to see how season three plays out.

Since I have been coming home at nearly 9 pm every night, we have not done much reading of the Last Astronaut. I am hoping we start getting a little more time because I would like to finish the book soon with my wife.

I, however, made some decent progress on the bible!

When I asked my mother-in-law for my wife’s hand, she sort of…tricked me…into agreeing to read the bible from cover to cover. Sorry mama, but you know it’s true!

I’m an atheist, however, I acknowledge that I do not know everything and since I cannot prove without certainty that there is no higher power, there is the possibility that there could be. My wife is very supportive of me and in no way pushes her beliefs on to me or demands that I agree with her about them. She understands my viewpoints and does what she can, when she can, to sway me in her direction. 

Whether it works or not doesn’t matter because I know she will always continue to respect me and my beliefs as I do her.

Since I agreed to make my way through the bible, though, I am doing just that. The old testament had some real interesting books, while others were a massive drag to get through. I also grew bored near the end of continuing to hear about how God kept repeating that he would smite all the people who did not live by his commands. It felt like every other sentence was him threatening one person or another with the exact same thing in slightly different words.

The new testament has been more interesting since it is more of a linear story being followed. I’ll try to write on it a little more when I fully finish it. 

A show I recommend this month: Hannibal

A book I recommend everyone reads, regardless of their beliefs: The Bible

The Puppies

It’s official, Nova and Spartacus are getting a little sister. Chunky Clementine will be joining us next Saturday and we are super excited and more than prepared for it! I say chunky because she is the biggest of the litter and has massive rolls all over her body. She also has a super creased boxer face and we can’t wait to have her with us.

I know Elmer would have loved his little sisters. He was a big ball of energy, even up until the end and I wish I would have gotten him a playmate his size a long time ago. He lived a good life, though. I spoiled him like no other and he knew he was loved. 

I’ll see about posting some pictures and videos of them soon.

Thanks for reading, see you next month!

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